In response to the body Tune up article by Max Silvesti, I must first say thank you. Thank you for putting the one thing that should come before everything in or of importance, even fashion, in this month’s issue. Health and how men look at it is completely different from a woman. If my lady feels at all out of sorts she is gunning for her general doctor. I was literally two weeks away from death with stage four cancer before I thought maybe the pain I was experiencing wasn’t just old football injuries.

Still it was my lady that forced me to the emergency because I was writhing in pain one night. Why do we as men put off getting medical care? Why did I? When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a physical specimen. I could run for long distances at a good rate, I could jump rope for thirty minutes straight without messing up once. I really did that. But all along I was ridiculously tired, had night sweats so bad that I would splash a puddle in the morning, and my body ached. Still I had an excuse for every ailment. I was tired because I was working so hard, I was having night sweats because my comforter was too heavy and I ached because I was a division 1 athlete and its just catching up to me. For at least six months this went on and finally I went in to see if anything was wrong. The ER doctors missed the tumors in the xray and said I pulled a muscle in my back. A month later my lady took me to the ER and fifteen hours later I was transferred to the oncology unit. 8 days later I had my diagnosis and game plan.

This is where I would like all the readers to really pay attention. It may be scary to go in to see the doctor and get news that you may not want to hear. But in my case, the scariest part was not knowing what was wrong with me. You go in, they figure it out, if anything, and then you come up with a plan. These days medicine is at its finest and miracles are happening each day. I am now three years in remission and its scary every time I feel a bump or if I am a little more tired then usual but I have confidence that if we get to what ever it may be early its way better then getting to it too late. I had to fight hard to survive and I am lucky, blessed, and thankful that I did, but it would have been a lot easier of a process

had I gone in earlier. Now I have a great food regiment and workout regiment that helps to maintain healthy living and to build a strong immune system. If you are interested in my story or my food regiment please feel free to contact me. 

January 4th