Its been a while since I've dropped some ink on these pages and it's not for the lack of things to say. The first quarter of 2015 has recently come to a close and I have to say we started out of the blocks strong. Last year I completed my first feature film project as the Executive Producer and Lead actor. I knew that it would be a tremendous undertaking but I grossly underestimated the amount of time, energy and money that I would and continue to put into this project. Before I go on I can say unflinchingly, it has all been worth it. The experience that you will gain from completing a motion picture is the best schooling you can get in the business because you learn about the entire process. Script writing is of course essential when trying to make a shootable script with an independent budget. Pre-production and getting the right team behind the project may be the most important part of film making. Most people in my business are just getting by and in need of work to pay bills, rent and just live. Thus, once the job is said, "DONE", most will be looking for or will already have their next job lined up and your's is forgotten. Those that enjoy the process of film making and especially in independent film making, will understand that the journey of post production is what enhances your film making experience. The edits, the color correction, the sound mix, the film festivals, more edits, new trailers, a new one sheet and poster all make the magic of film making complete. Because you see the project from start to finish and with each polish it gets better and you see the story that you set out to tell being told. So here we are almost a year exactly from when Battered first screened to friends and family. Our official trailer will be live next week with a summer release on its heels. I want to thank all those that have been a part of the process in making the film, especailly my friends who lent their acting talents to the film. Artist are often taking advantage of and used as pawns in the grand scheme of things so I truly tried to give new and seasoned actors, including myself, an opportunity to shine in a feature film that will soon be available for the world to see. Much love and never quit.