They all told me it would be this way. The wise ones said, "if you think time flies now just wait until you have children." It's been a few months since my last blog post. In December Layla was just getting her roll on and of course we were proud. In less than two weeks she will be turning one year old and now she is ripping and running. Of course she still needs mommy and daddy's assistance for balance but for the most part she sees it and gets after it. It's been such a wonderful treat to get to experience so many first time things with my daughter. She sees leaves now and says leave, no s yet, when once they were unfamiliar and foreign. My history with cancer always keeps my mortality in mind and that has helped me to embrace each moment I spend with her. I look her in the eyes at times and hope that she is taking all of me as well. Of course I want to protect her from all of the mistakes that I've made in life yet at the same time I want her to learn the lessons from said mistakes. How? Strangers say how beautiful she is but I immediately let them know that she has a great heart. Once they are out of earshot I'll tell her how physical beauty is fleeting but the way you treat others will last a lifetime. Treat people with honesty, kindness and respect and that beauty will radiate from within. I haven't had the extra time that I once had to work on passion projects and my reading has gone down a bit. I guess I have a new passion now. Fatherhood, and it's been my greatest joy as of yet. This parenting thing is definitely a team sport. I could not be the father that I am without the support and love that my wife Candice has dimed me on a regular basis. Holding down a corporate job while mastering breastfeeding, bath time and morning and night storytelling. Single parents deserve major credit and discounts at whole foods. LOL. But seriously, this is the hardest job while being the most rewarding one of all time. 


Much love and Never Quit. 



July 5th 2018