I once heard that in order to be great, you must study the greats. What justifies great to one may not be the same to the other. To me, greatness is present when one is able to do what he or she loves to do while at the same time contributing to the betterment of society. That being said I have read many biographies, fiction and nonfiction, as well as self improvement books. Thoughout my reading, no matter the genre, there has been a recurring theme among them. Consistency in the work and in my daily living has been the ultimate driving force when creating habits. Of course this is only beneficial if you are doing things of a positive nature consistently. No judgement here just stating the facts. No matter what the challenge, if you make consistent progress towards your goal, you will eventually reach it. One step at a time is how I felt when climbing Mt. Rainier. One treatment at a time is how I feel when battling cancer. One word at a time is how I grind through when writing a book or a script. Consistencies will eventually get you through to the other side. 

Much love and never quit.