We used to talk everyday
Coffee cup dreams turned into reality
Work picked up 
We both got busy
Life carried on 
Now we check in when we can
That wasn't part of the plan
I get distant when I'm mad,
I get distant when I'm sad,
Because I know its not forever.
But today will start the change
Taking note, this must be done
I'll cherish every moment
Because that is just more fun


Mum and I used to talk on the phone 3-4x a day when she lived in Florida and I was in LA. Now she is here in La. Drawn here because of my battle with cancer. She made a life for herself and is great at what she does, and at the same time my recovery boosted me back into flight. We love to have coffee or lunch together as one of our past times, though when we spoke of it when she was in Florida, we thought we were going to be able to do that everyday. Life got busy and time goes on. Just had to take a moment to be thankful and truly appreciate the time spent, no matter for how long.