With the rising of the sun, I now have thirty eight years in my book of life. Seven plus years ago I was in a hospital bed and my future was not certain. No one’s future is but the reality of it was all too near. My friends and family came together and we decided we could do it. In fact, we believed whole heartedly that we must. We dove in head first and never looked back. I’m so grateful for all of those who fought and believed along with me. As I look back on this past year many milestones have been reached. Candice and I were married on March 26th 2016. I began a new career in teaching and coaching in August 2016 and one of the biggest and greatest of all is that my wife and I were able to pro create and are due July 2017. Mental note to all the young men out there who may be entering the fight, FREEZE YOUR SPERM, because you never know how long the fight will be and what type of treatment you will have to go through. Thank you mum for the heads up seven years prior just after my first diagnosis. Do to the improvements in my health, my personal training business has also started to allow me to mentor and coach young and old on a more one to one level. My experience as a division 1 college athlete and a cancer survivor resonates with almost everyone that I come in contact with in that field. Going through what I have and continue to go through while still living a fulfilled life leads me to let you know that we will all face challenges. So we must make adjustments and move forward. As long as we move forward and work to be a better person than who we were the day before then we are living life to the fullest. That is my goal. One step at a time. So I implore you, do not be afraid to expect the unexpected and dream your most sensational dream because at the end of the day, it’s all about the journey. Make it count. Much love. Never quit.

march 14th