I can not believe it's almost been a year since my last post. A writer once said that my writing will suffer with the birth of a child. Well if you are fully engaged in parenting and still trying to maintain somewhat of a healthy sleeping order then I must conquer. Thus, two months shy of a year's absence I'm back. I just happened to have the morning off and my daughter Layla will be two in July. Once my wife is out of bed then Layla becomes her shadow and I have found this is the time to pay the bills, check emails, read, meditate or FINALLY, write a post. It has been quite the year. A few years ago I became a certified personal trainer and coach. Since then I have added Behavioral Change Specialist to the resume and currently working on my Nutrition Certificate. I have traveled throughout the United States sharing my story with the hope of inspiring others. This past year my Personal Coaching business has flourished. My clients now range from five years old to seventy. My training does not consist of one type of methodology. I coach all sports and form for function movements. My battle with cancer has taught me that functional movements are the most important to focus on with those who are not training to compete at the professional or collegiate levels. We either get older or we pass to the next realm so we must prepare our bodies for the inevitable. What's been surprising and truly satisfying is the mental exercise that takes place during some of the less intensive workouts. During these times clients and I are able to process life's challenges and create a plan of action. We also speak about life goals and how best to go about accomplishing them. All the while, I had a relapse with my cancer but fortunately, being that I am under constant surveillance, we caught it early and the treatment is affective. So with the expansion of my business and a growing family, my wife and I decided to purchase a house. We went into it with the idea that we would be buying a home that needed work if we were going to be able to afford the area. My advice to all those in the home buying process is the same as everyone who's been through it before gave me. When building, or renovating, it's never on time. Plan for at least 3 months of delays and if it is only 3 you win. Still the process has been a life lesson in patience and more and more that seems to be the name of the game. Patience.  We bought it in September and as we head into June we are finally seeing some ending in site. Maybe we move in end of August maybe September. Again Patience is the lesson in life I apparently need to review the most. All in all it's been a beautiful, challenging, growing and inspiring year and I am truly grateful for each moment. 

Much Love and Never Quit



May 23 2019