With 2015 now full in affect I wanted to put some closure on last year's battles and accomplishments. Almost a year ago from today we started principle photography on the first feature film that I Exec Produced as well as being the lead. It was truly one of the most challenging feats in my career to date. Having to bounce between character and producer while shooting is not something that I would recommend to any artist but with the limited budget it was what had to be done. That being said I learned as much as one could on the production side of film. Now that Battered is complete we have been hitting the festival circuit and the response has been more than pleasing. It has taken a year to get all of the kinks out. We now have a great final edit of the film in Blu Ray, a quality one sheet and poster and international exposure as we have just returned from the Bahamas International Film Festival. With more festivals to come we highly anticipate getting distribution in the following weeks. Stay tuned and here is our new poster and one sheet. Thank you for all of the support and well wishes. Start 2015 off strong!


january 9th