A little over three months ago I was met with a reality that I had secretly feared since sending my first battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma into remission. Though I enjoyed my three years of remission immensly,  there was that little voice that would pop up and say but what if it comes back. Well it did and all that worrying, though it wasn't daily, was wasted time. Why worry about something that may or may not happen. The fact is that neither option will stop the progress but worrying could accelerate disease. So here I am before you in my second battle with this disease. Thankfully we caught it at a much earlier stage and with the advancement of medicine and technology I was able to get on a drug that is less harmful than chemotherapy and one can still maintain an active lifestyle. So much so that I was able to accomplish a feat that I was unable to accomplish last year when I was cancer free. Last month a group of us went back to Mt.Rainier in Washington state and summited. I was overcome with emotion as I passed the point that I reached the previous year. Knowing what I was dealing with and the new medicine that I was on, I wanted to summit. Not just for me but for the doctors and nurses that have dedicated so much time to my survival. For the other patients that would come after me in hopes that there would be medicine that would allow them to continue with a normal life while beating back this disease. Rounding the bend at the summit and seeing the sunrise I could not hold it any longer and I burst out into tears of joy. We did it. I try to make everyday special because at 36 I am now a two time cancer survivor and fully aware that nothing is guaranteed. I am thankful for my friends who were with me step for step and my family who constantly supports me. I am thankful for my fiancee who believes in me 100%. We are all in this game of life and we will all face challenges. I hope that my story may inspire the next man or woman to continue to live throughout the challenge to the best of their ability. Much love and live life.