It has been just over four months since my last post but my perspective makes it feel like years have past. I just finished the book, 'Happiness', written by a Buddhist monk. The focus, of course, was on happiness but what stood out to me was how minimizing my wants and desires of the things that I may not have increases my love and happiness from the things that are presently in my life. To me, perspective is everything. For instance. To a man who walks or rides his bike to work because he can not afford a car is then given one. The car is ten years old and has over one hundred thousand miles on it but it functions well and is all paid off. To the person who is walking or riding his bike this car has a much greater value then to the man or woman who will only drive cars that are less than three years old. They are both cars used for the same primary reasons yet perspective brings different value to each person. I have been meditating now for just over 150 days straight. I am still in my battle with cancer but my work on staying present changes the meaning and feeling of time. By trying to wring out the very most of each second of life I find joy in almost everything that I do. I do my best to make every minute count. I say yes to opportunities that prediagnosis I would of never given a second thought to and because of this I have met new and incredible people which have enhanced my experiences. Time is constant. The only thing in this world that never changes and never stops is time. No amount of money or power will ever change this fact but what we can change is the value that we place on what we have. Vacations, work, friends and family all have a value. We need money to survive but do you commute over two hours a day? Could less salary lead to more happiness and quality time with family if the job is closer to home? Do you place more value on money or time spent with family? What if you get into a car accident on the way to or from work? I leave you with this thought. In a quiet moment in your day think of the things that you have done and that you are going to do and ask yourself how much value they have in your life. On a scale of one to ten to start and anything below a five try to eliminate. I have been practicing this for over five years now and again my disease was a major influence in my change and I can honestly say I am happy. I find value in all that I have and tend to donate or give away all things that I do not. I love my friends and many members of my family and I am grateful for the material items that I have and use. I still have a long way to go in my quest to achieve nirvana but it's the journey and not the destination. 

Much Love and Never Quit.