oct.6th 2014

Here is the new Poster Art for Battered after being an Official selection for the Orlando Urban Film Festival 2014

We were also the recipient of the Best Dramtic Ensemble in a Feature Film award



After many months of hard work and two handfuls of rejections, Battered was an Official Selection for the 2014 Orlando Film Festival. I have made countless numbers of phone calls, sent emails and shook many hands to get to this point today. You must have a team of people that you have shed blood sweat and tears for because those are the ones that will be there for you in your time of need. Not only were we selected to be in the film festival, our film won Best Dramatic Ensemble in a feature film. I can not express how happy I am and how proud I am of all those that were involved in this film. Much love and hopefully I will have more to update in the near future. 


As the summer winds into the last two months my lady and I wrap up the wedding season as well. We are at the New Orleans airport about to board a flight back to Los Angeles. We ate our way through New Orleans and enjoyed the great sounds of amazing Jazz. Still I have yet to go anywhere and not be excited about coming back to LA. It must be the beach, chill vibe and the Cali green. Or maybe its just home. Here's a pic to relay the vibe that we had while in the Big Easy. 

May 30th

The world will read this poem. I hope you understand. 

"Old man take a look at my life, Im a lot like you"
So different yet the same
Needed love, clarity and validation
Only one that won't give it
Unconditional love never felt so conditional
Hard as nails never relenting
To hear the words you loath to speak
Just once, tell me that I'm doing it right
Just once shine the light my way
Once again I've hit a dead end
Sometimes pain create beauty.
This is a poem from my latest book of poems that will come out 2015.
May 20th


This is a movement that I am extremely passionate about for obvious reasons. (STAGE IV CANCER SURVIVOR) - Its also the first time being featured on an artist's album. 

Much love Lupe and all those battling 


Last week we had our first public screening of my movie Battered. As you know from the post, this is my first film back since my battle with Cancer. I am the executive producer and lead in this film.



We had a great time and some special guest showed up!

much love



We used to talk everyday
Coffee cup dreams turned into reality
Work picked up 
We both got busy
Life carried on 
Now we check in when we can
That wasn't part of the plan
I get distant when I'm mad,
I get distant when I'm sad,
Because I know its not forever.
But today will start the change
Taking note, this must be done
I'll cherish every moment
Because that is just more fun


Mum and I used to talk on the phone 3-4x a day when she lived in Florida and I was in LA. Now she is here in La. Drawn here because of my battle with cancer. She made a life for herself and is great at what she does, and at the same time my recovery boosted me back into flight. We love to have coffee or lunch together as one of our past times, though when we spoke of it when she was in Florida, we thought we were going to be able to do that everyday. Life got busy and time goes on. Just had to take a moment to be thankful and truly appreciate the time spent, no matter for how long.


Today I opened up
I went somewhere that was uncomfortable
Awkward - vulnerable - scared 
To grasp onto life by the skin of your teeth
Not sure if there are words to describe that feeling
And that's what broke me up
Preaching about living life to the fullest
Never quit and leave the haters in the dust
Blocking out the pain - fear - and doubt
But I am human 
Seeing those that fought the fight move to the after life without me-
Reminds me just how precious life is
Torn, I thought I wasn't scared of dying
But today I opened up


march 20th

I dream while I'm awake

Not a psychic but I see the future

Foot on the gas but still take it slow

Stop to smell the roses

When it comes quick it goes just the same

For some it takes decades to be an overnight success

Slower is better 

Then you know its built to last

I'm here to stay