March 5th 2014

I met a man in the oncology unit of UCLA one afternoon. We made conversation and from that moment on we were friends and business partners. He came through my world like a tornado, making things happen for my project and my career. He taught me about wines, and great travel locations for me and my lady to visit. Then just like that he was gone. John Blanchette passed away on the night of March 3rd and will be missed by many. This poem and my film, Battered, are dedicated to him.


An angel comes to visit

We spent a blink of time together

I wasn't prepared for him to go

Another life lesson learned 

Embrace those that find quality in You

Time makes no deals 

The clock never stops

Live life 


R.I.P. John Blanchette 



February 26th
Ready to take steps in unfamiliar territory
Doing the same thing and expecting change is insane
I like this view
Something inspiring stirs
So I listen,
Embrace, zone, learn
Grasp for your dreams with all you have
Believe and live in the moment
Life is short
Make it count
february 10th

What am I Supposed to Post?


            I do it, so I know that you do it too.  We all engage, on a time or two,  in a conversation about an inappropriate post that was put up on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter by someone you know of, know well,  and/or are damn near related to.  Phrases like, “she has gone too far on this one”, or “why the hell did Tyran just do that?”, are just as common as “OMG, they look so happy together”, and “All they do is travel, geesh do they have a life besides having fun?”  So many critics.  Its just too hard to please them all, so my advise is to do it for you.  Show the world the, you,  you want them to see, if in fact, it is the best you that you can be.

            Think about it. In video games, you are given the option to create a football player with 100% agility, speed, and strength. A soccer player with juke moves that would be flat out impossible to pull off in real life. To make it even more hyper-real, we can even create the characters or players to look like us, or the us, that we wish we were.  That should translate over to social media.  People say that some just post the best parts of their lives so it looks like they are having a much better time then they are. Or that someone is using a filter to get skinnier or to make a sunset look like even more of a miracle then it already is. It could simply be the best memories that this person is experiencing and they are generous enough to share them with us.    

We have all had that close friend who just went HAM on social media because they were done wrong by a man, by the man, by his wife or by her wife, (you get the point).  They, or you, had to let it out so that the world could see how you feel? Or was it simply your passion was so strong about the topic that you had to get your opinion across to a specific destination by any means necessary?  Knowing that Facebook is one of the largest social outlets in the world, you took aim.  But, oops…. We all saw it! Now you are crazy. 

We forgive and let go and continue to follow these members of our social family. We may even start to like some of their pictures again and once again, they get the validation.  In some way, no matter how strong we are, we are all looking for some type of validation. The post will keep coming, and some may not be what you are interested in seeing or hearing, but its social media, and its not just about I, or you. Everyone has a story. Well except for kids five and younger.  Damn! Here I go again. 



Charles Porter 

February 9th
I was born in Oxford, England and maintain duel citizenship with both England and the U.S. A bi-product of a British and Jewish mother and a Black American father, I was exposed to diverse and unique experiences as a child that helped to shape my way of thinking to this very day. My education led me to prep schools on the east coast in both Connecticut and New Jersey. My choice of college led me to North Carolina. I played five years of Division 1 football at Duke University and decided not to pursue the NFL after extensive back surgery following my final season at Duke. While at Duke my focused study was Cultural Anthropology. It was my love of people and culture that drew me to this particular major. I am also fluent in French. 
My first true experience in producing came during the short film, Kontrast, where I was able to facilitate locations, prop cars, talent and myself as an actor. I learned that gathering a team of behind the scene talent is more important then the artist who are performing, in regards to getting a project done. I moved on to feature films with, Nailed. We shot Nailed in Belfast, UK on a shoe string budget while I was filming a multi million dollar project at the same time. On my off time I was able to convince three other cast mates to join the fun, once I procured a script, crew and a financier. I did not produce again until after I recovered from my battle with cancer. My return to producing was with a web series called, Movie Star Idol. On this project is where I met, Robert Madero, the writer, director and producer of the series. We clicked instantly and it was from that small project that a friendship and partnership was born. I asked him to allow me to read the scripts that he has and we chose the one with the smallest budget to get us started. This was truly my biggest test and accomplishment as of yet, in regards to producing and acting in the same project. I am the Executive Producer, the lead and the head of casting for the project, Battered. Shot in a multi million dollar home in the hills with a Red Camera, our insurance policy was 2 million plus. This was a low budget indie but the production is by no means low budget. We are taking this one to Cannes and will hopefully team with a studio for the rest of our slate of films. 
Outside of Producing, one of my proudest moments, in the arts, was the completion and publication of my book of poems. "Get to Know: Unlocking the Essence in You", is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and experiences over the last five years of my life, highlighted by my battle with Stage 4 Cancer. I continue to write poems, short stories and scripts and do wish to direct films as well. My passion is life. I have found that through my travels and my experiences with people, art translates best to those from different places, regardless of race, religion and gender. I want to share my visions, understanding, and experiences of life with those who are interested while at the same time learning from others. This is how we become one. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Much love


Feb 1st

Nothing like the feeling of making up. Doesn’t matter if its with a friend, lover, family member or pet, which most def is a family member, the feeling of making up has to be one of the greatest of the senses. Over the past two months or so, a family member and I were not seeing eye to eye. I’m an artist, so it is understandable to a point that my views may not match up to most. Only this time, the other eye was that of my father.

For thirty-­‐four years my father, Charles F. Porter Sr., has been the hardest man I know. Twenty-­‐five years in the military did work on him but I believe it was the eighteen before he left for the military that shaped the man’s foundation. Raised by God fearing Christians and those who valued a dollar, my father learned quickly that there was only one way to make life worth living. Without knowing it I now live by what he valued most. HARD WORK. In his mind there is no replacement. Another one of his beliefs is that there is no such thing as easy money. Had I inherited that belief just a few years ago, I’d probably of spent that money on something that I actually needed. Still lessoned learned, and I will not make the same mistake twice.

My father has seen things come fairly easy to me over my young life. He does not just give respect, even I had to earn it. The good grades throughout middle school were expected; the sports trophies and awards were not impressive. My father had his eyes set on the prize. A college diploma that would be the first amongst my immediate family. So I strapped my pads on, put my nose in the books, and worked to get into what I believed was the best school in academics amongst those that offered full football scholarships. I won’t bore you with details but I felt that this did not impress him. Ill just say, he did not say it did. LOL. But not...

This went on through my adult-­‐hood always searching for the words I longed most to hear from him. It got to the point where my Oscar excepting speech was just this, “Are you proud of me now MUTHA F&*K@$?”, while I hoist the trophy and squeeze it so hard that the head snaps off. Seriously it was bad.

Well finally after thirty-­‐four years I was fed up and said Ill just do what I know is tight and not even tell him what I’m doing. It was painful to not tell him and it hurt to tell him and feel he didn’t care. Cancer has taught me many things and most important is that LIFE IS SHORT. Rich or poor it will one day come to an end. I did not want my dad to miss out on more then he already did. So I told him that even though we don’t get along, he did one thing right and taught me how to fight for everything I have. Work hard and demand respect and to never quit. This morning I told him about my latest project and how hard it was to pull it off but we did it and now I have a feature film coming out. He congratulated me and seemed interested. We made up and it feels so good. Life is short, love those who love you and live life! 


January 4th

In response to the body Tune up article by Max Silvesti, I must first say thank you. Thank you for putting the one thing that should come before everything in or of importance, even fashion, in this month’s issue. Health and how men look at it is completely different from a woman. If my lady feels at all out of sorts she is gunning for her general doctor. I was literally two weeks away from death with stage four cancer before I thought maybe the pain I was experiencing wasn’t just old football injuries.

Still it was my lady that forced me to the emergency because I was writhing in pain one night. Why do we as men put off getting medical care? Why did I? When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a physical specimen. I could run for long distances at a good rate, I could jump rope for thirty minutes straight without messing up once. I really did that. But all along I was ridiculously tired, had night sweats so bad that I would splash a puddle in the morning, and my body ached. Still I had an excuse for every ailment. I was tired because I was working so hard, I was having night sweats because my comforter was too heavy and I ached because I was a division 1 athlete and its just catching up to me. For at least six months this went on and finally I went in to see if anything was wrong. The ER doctors missed the tumors in the xray and said I pulled a muscle in my back. A month later my lady took me to the ER and fifteen hours later I was transferred to the oncology unit. 8 days later I had my diagnosis and game plan.

This is where I would like all the readers to really pay attention. It may be scary to go in to see the doctor and get news that you may not want to hear. But in my case, the scariest part was not knowing what was wrong with me. You go in, they figure it out, if anything, and then you come up with a plan. These days medicine is at its finest and miracles are happening each day. I am now three years in remission and its scary every time I feel a bump or if I am a little more tired then usual but I have confidence that if we get to what ever it may be early its way better then getting to it too late. I had to fight hard to survive and I am lucky, blessed, and thankful that I did, but it would have been a lot easier of a process

had I gone in earlier. Now I have a great food regiment and workout regiment that helps to maintain healthy living and to build a strong immune system. If you are interested in my story or my food regiment please feel free to contact me. 


As the holiday season revs up and turkeys begin to over cook, the build up begins to “new beginnings”.  Families are familiar with phrases like, “we have to finish this year out stronger then ever”, and “this year is going to be the best year yet”, and my favorite, “this is the year”.  Every now and then I hear some saying, “this year couldn’t end soon enough”.  Needless to say, in all cases, much alcohol is consumed, too much stuffing is eaten, goals are left undone, and if you haven’t changed jobs, locations, spouses, habits, or brains then we will be faced with the same adversities and challenges that we saw in the previous year.

Some have made great strides in their lives.  People have lost ten, twenty, thirty pounds over the last year, or gotten promotions at their jobs and or successfully completed personal projects.  Whether or not the year was a success or not the one thing that never changes is that another year has gone by.  The clock continues to tick.  Tick tock, the clock never stops.  I have said all the familiar New Year’s phrases from, “this is going to be the best year yet”, to “two thousand and whatever couldn’t come fast enough”.  Yet no matter if I was popping bottles with my peoples on the beaches of Brazil, or just kicking back and having a quiet drink with family at home, the next day, after the ball drops, reality sets in. 

It’s always a new year and I am thankful to be alive.  I appreciate those that I brought the New Year in with and or spent the holiday season with but never the less reality sets in.  For me, that reality is the thoughts of what if.  That reality is spending time with friends and loved ones but always feeling like I’m a spectator.  Not because of how they treat me, no I’m always welcome with open arms and a tremendous amount of love.  But it is the divorce of my parents that still haunts me today and may haunt me for the rest of my days. 

I was twelve, and my father’s only child and my mom’s “baby”.  This is the stuff that really makes the holidays complete. Some relationships just do not work out but a person can only be in one place at a time.  I want to be happy, drink and be merry with others who are doing the same.  What if you don’t get along with those that your blood has chosen to move on with as a family?  A constant knot in your throat because you remember what it used to be.  This is not a sad story, its just reality setting in.  Those who know me know, no matter where I am, I am going to eat and drink, be loud and have fun.  We will toast it up and celebrate another year complete and wish each other well as we forge into the next one.  Still somewhere in the back of my mind I will be thinking about someone that I am not with and wishing that they were with me too.  Family is one hell of an enigma.  Sometimes you might feel as though you just want to disappear from it all, and then the holiday season comes around and you realize just how much they really mean.  Cherish the moments because the clock won’t stop.  So to all my family out there, blood related or not, know that you are in my thoughts and I wish you well. May this be the best year yet!





Dec. 9th 2013

The Art of Being Selfish



sel fish


Devoted to or caring only for oneself, concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc, regardless of others.


No one has ever really been credited for being a selfish person.  Until recently I have always associated the word with negativity.  Now that I am thirty-five years old I am starting to take time out for myself in order to truly assess where I am in life, how I got here and where I intend to go. The older I get, the wiser I become and I feel it is directly related to the amount of time I put into becoming the best person that I can be.  The only way I can possibly be the best that I can be is to pursue what I am most passionate about with all that I have. Why is it that whenever I am trying to accomplish something great, something that takes great dedication, attention and energy to accomplish, somehow I am selfish? Its not everyone that thinks this but those whom are closest to me, ie. my partner in life, felt this way the most.  After four years of being in a relationship with the same woman, she is finally starting to see my selfishness as a desire to make a better life for the both of us.  So the question is, what was the turning point that turned my selfishness into desire and generosity?

The most important factor of being successful at being selfish is to, know thy purpose.  I am fully convicted, convinced, and invested in the belief that I am on this earth to become the greatest at what I do in life.  The only way to convince your partner, family, friends and whom ever else request time and energy from you that your time is your most valued commodity is by believing it yourself first.  Too many think that what needs to be done today can be done tomorrow.  When those close to you see you putting things off that you have claimed to be important to you then they will expect you to do so whenever they desire your time.  In other words, create the reputation of being unavailable due to deadlines.  This will not be effective unless you actually have projects to finish, which brings us back to the most important factor, and that is to have a purpose.  Not all of us can become great doctors, astronauts, musicians, poets, or whatever craft is deemed the most important by the masses of the time.  However, we live our own lives and our worlds are what consist in our daily routines.  Identify your circle of life.  Who do you care about the most in life?  Make a list if you have to, ranging from most to least important.  Side note, destroy all evidence as this may or may not come back to haunt you.  Those that are at the top of your list should in fact receive a decent amount of your time and energy, in relation to the amount of time that is spent in accomplishing your goals in life.  Just like with most things in life, it is a balancing act.  There are 168 hours in a week.  If you work a full time gig then at least 50 of those hours are automatically dedicated to time at office.  This of course is bare minimum, including travel to and from the office.  If you are getting a proper 7 hours a night of sleep then you are left with 69 hours a week of do whatever you want time.  Lets go ahead and round it to a nice 65 hours as four of those will go to miscellaneous uses such as bathroom, smoke break, eating, what have you.  So, 65 hours of what ever you want to do time per week. 

The obvious thing to point out here is that what a single, childless, mid thirties adult does with his or her time will be unquestionably different from ones that are married with children, divorced, or any variation of the combination.  Still, no matter what the circumstance, we are all humans and have our individual desires and concerns.  WE NEED TO TEND TO THESE.  69 hours in 7 days to do something that is important to you.  When it is important to you and you accomplish it, the way it will make you feel and the way you will respond to others after accomplishing it will in turn make it important to those that you care about and those who care about you most.  If you read to the kids 3 hours a night then you still have 44 hours a week to do you.  If you have to workout an hour a day then you still have 37 hours a week to do you.  There is time to be selfish and being selfish can be a good thing when it has a purpose.  So find you purpose in life and attack it with great vigor for we do not know when our end is coming but the only certain thing in life is that it will come.  By being selfish and dedicating a good amount of time to my passions as an artist, I was giving the space and energy by my loved ones to fulfill a decade long goal of writing and publishing a book.  My book, ‘Get to Know: Unlocking the Essence in You’, is now out and being bought on Amazon and it feels great.  My friends and family look at as a team victory and now its on to the next mission.  Be great, live life and love.


November 16th

Duke Football shocks the world once again. Loving this season DUKE DUKE