I was born in Oxford, England and maintain duel citizenship with both England and the U.S. A bi-product of a British and Jewish mother and a Black American father, I was exposed to diverse and unique experiences as a child that helped to shape my way of thinking to this very day. My education led me to prep schools on the east coast in both Connecticut and New Jersey. My choice of college led me to North Carolina. I played five years of Division 1 football at Duke University and decided not to pursue the NFL after extensive back surgery following my final season at Duke. While at Duke my focused study was Cultural Anthropology. It was my love of people and culture that drew me to this particular major. I am also fluent in French. 
My first true experience in producing came during the short film, Kontrast, where I was able to facilitate locations, prop cars, talent and myself as an actor. I learned that gathering a team of behind the scene talent is more important then the artist who are performing, in regards to getting a project done. I moved on to feature films with, Nailed. We shot Nailed in Belfast, UK on a shoe string budget while I was filming a multi million dollar project at the same time. On my off time I was able to convince three other cast mates to join the fun, once I procured a script, crew and a financier. I did not produce again until after I recovered from my battle with cancer. My return to producing was with a web series called, Movie Star Idol. On this project is where I met, Robert Madero, the writer, director and producer of the series. We clicked instantly and it was from that small project that a friendship and partnership was born. I asked him to allow me to read the scripts that he has and we chose the one with the smallest budget to get us started. This was truly my biggest test and accomplishment as of yet, in regards to producing and acting in the same project. I am the Executive Producer, the lead and the head of casting for the project, Battered. Shot in a multi million dollar home in the hills with a Red Camera, our insurance policy was 2 million plus. This was a low budget indie but the production is by no means low budget. We are taking this one to Cannes and will hopefully team with a studio for the rest of our slate of films. 
Outside of Producing, one of my proudest moments, in the arts, was the completion and publication of my book of poems. "Get to Know: Unlocking the Essence in You", is a compilation of thoughts, feelings and experiences over the last five years of my life, highlighted by my battle with Stage 4 Cancer. I continue to write poems, short stories and scripts and do wish to direct films as well. My passion is life. I have found that through my travels and my experiences with people, art translates best to those from different places, regardless of race, religion and gender. I want to share my visions, understanding, and experiences of life with those who are interested while at the same time learning from others. This is how we become one. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Much love


February 9th