On August 21, 2020 my father would have turned 75. He passed away in October of last year after a battle with Dementia. It was unexpected and painful but what I've experieced with him since his death is otherwordly. The last few years of my father's life I prepared myself for what was to come with a disease such as dementia. I knew that his memory would eventually fade to dust and I would not be what I once was in his mind. But what about the heart? Does the heart's love fade as the mind's memory? In my experience it does not. In fact in many ways our love grew and we got closer. We speak more now and their is less judgement of one another though I still strive to make him proud.  He first showed himself to me in the form of a Hawk. Since then when l miss him most, a hawk seems to appear. I've always had a love of nature and was told by others that the spirit finds its way to loved ones. This pandemic has been far from easy. With each day that passes my family gains a greater appreciation for the freedoms that we all once had and also for the love that we have for one another. With less distractions I am able to lock in and think before acting, slowing down and as my wife, Candice likes to say, TAKE A BEAT. Dad and I are cut from the same cloth. He was hard to the core and as an Air Force Vet, loved rules and regulations. He was the most honest person I've ever known, if he said he was going to do it then it would be done. Most of all he loved me. I was his only child and though he was not one to give congratulations or kudos to me personally, he would speak of me with great pride to friends and family. I love you dad. I miss your voice man. Thanks for stopping by every now and then for a brief check in with your grandchildren and I. Be well. 

Much Love