In times when you feel scared who do you turn to for help? There are times when you can feel like you are on an island and no matter how loud you scream out for help, no one can hear you. Regardless of the challenge if you are reading this then you have probably felt this way at least once in your life. Many of us have our own spiritual guides to turn to in times like this. Throughout my days I have believed in, prayed to and sought out God. I never put a face, color, gender, or denomination to the God I pray to and at times it has varied amongst varied religions. Born to a Jewish mom and a Christian father I had free range to find my spiritual source. Throughout my now six years of battling cancer I have had my internal battle with religion as well. Thanking God for the good days and shying away from God during times of conflict. There have been plenty of great days during my time here on earth. Highschool and college graduations to friend's getting married and starting families, I have enjoyed in all of the happiness of these events. What we have to learn in life is to enjoy the moments in difficult times as well. I am speaking to myself just as much as I am telling you. There is always a silver lining when there is breath to breath. There is always a chance for a miracle to take place and for your life to change at the drop of hat. In my times of solace when I feel alone, though it may not be often, I do look within and I do have conversations with a higher being. As my relationship grows with God my times alone are not as scary as they might have been without it. I wish all those healthy and happy lives and for those in a battle or struggling, I wish for you to be able to look within and find that strength that as human beings we all possess. I thank God for my best friend and life partner who also gives me the strength, courage and inspiration to be the best me that I can be.

Much Love and Never Quit