What am I Supposed to Post?


            I do it, so I know that you do it too.  We all engage, on a time or two,  in a conversation about an inappropriate post that was put up on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter by someone you know of, know well,  and/or are damn near related to.  Phrases like, “she has gone too far on this one”, or “why the hell did Tyran just do that?”, are just as common as “OMG, they look so happy together”, and “All they do is travel, geesh do they have a life besides having fun?”  So many critics.  Its just too hard to please them all, so my advise is to do it for you.  Show the world the, you,  you want them to see, if in fact, it is the best you that you can be.

            Think about it. In video games, you are given the option to create a football player with 100% agility, speed, and strength. A soccer player with juke moves that would be flat out impossible to pull off in real life. To make it even more hyper-real, we can even create the characters or players to look like us, or the us, that we wish we were.  That should translate over to social media.  People say that some just post the best parts of their lives so it looks like they are having a much better time then they are. Or that someone is using a filter to get skinnier or to make a sunset look like even more of a miracle then it already is. It could simply be the best memories that this person is experiencing and they are generous enough to share them with us.    

We have all had that close friend who just went HAM on social media because they were done wrong by a man, by the man, by his wife or by her wife, (you get the point).  They, or you, had to let it out so that the world could see how you feel? Or was it simply your passion was so strong about the topic that you had to get your opinion across to a specific destination by any means necessary?  Knowing that Facebook is one of the largest social outlets in the world, you took aim.  But, oops…. We all saw it! Now you are crazy. 

We forgive and let go and continue to follow these members of our social family. We may even start to like some of their pictures again and once again, they get the validation.  In some way, no matter how strong we are, we are all looking for some type of validation. The post will keep coming, and some may not be what you are interested in seeing or hearing, but its social media, and its not just about I, or you. Everyone has a story. Well except for kids five and younger.  Damn! Here I go again. 



Charles Porter 

february 10th