Just yesterday my wife and I experienced something for the first time together. A celebration that is generally reserved for the wife alone was shared with me and I shall hold this memory dear to my heart for the rest of time. Our baby shower was filled with so much love and affection for our growing baby girl but Candice and I were also able to bask in the love and light that was generously given throughout. I love the fact that my mother and sister were able to attend along with her cousins, aunts, sister and mother. Some of our mutual friends were in attendance and some were even pregnant as well and that is always special. I grow from moments such as these because they are once in a life time events. I am so grateful to all those who came to shed love and light on our growing family. I am grateful to God and universe for allowing me the time on earth to see this day come to be. I love my life and I love those family and friends that truly care for my family. We wish nothing but the best for all those that continue to make the effort to be better than they were the day before. 

Much love and Never Quit. 


June 5th